Minimum length: 160 cm)

Our outdoor track is 1010 meters long and has lots of long, sweeping curves.

The track is equipped with electronic timing and the spectators can follow the laptimes and results on a TV-screen.

The gocarts we use outdoors are Caroli Hammerheads with a 270 cc engine. The top speed on the long straights reach close to 80 km/h.
A good laptime on this track is around 58 seconds.

Opportunity to weight the carts if requested!

We can drive up to 18 gocarts at the same time if the conditions allow it.

If you just want to come and drive without booking, this takes place during our open drop-in times.
​​​​​​​Drop-in times vary depending on bookings and you can find the times for the next three days under Drop-In times here on the page.
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Our bookable races outdoors

  • Mini Race 10 min qualification & 6 laps final 

  • Maxi Race 10 min training , 10 minutes qualification & 6 laps final 

  • Magnum Race 10 min training, 2 × 10 min qualification & 6 laps final 

  • Le Mans 1h, 2h or 3h team racing
For more detailed information about our races, see prices here on the site.
Ride along for a few laps on our outdoor track!
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